The expression “Genius!” is thrown around quite often these days, as in the case of Donald Trump, who according to the New York Times rep

Winners, Losers and a Dead-Heat

Winner – Hillary Clinton for eviscerating Donald Trump in Monday’s first of three presidential debates.

Racetrack Warning Labels We'd Like to See

Here are some racetrack warning labels that might come in handy …

The Inspiration for Songbird

Eva Cassidy had the voice of an angel. Her jazz/blues rendition of “Over the Rainbow” brought people to tears.

The Comedy Central Roast of Horseracing

And now, your roastmaster for the evening, Jeff Ross …

The Worst Race Ever?

On November 8, just three days after what promises to be an exceptional Breeder’s Cup, we’re anticipating the worst race we have ever see

Laundry Day

While doing the wash on Tuesday we noticed the following …

Gary Stevens Weighs in on Sword Dancer

Gary Stevens was watching last Saturday’s Sword Dancer from 3,000 miles away in the Del Mar jockeys’ room, but he could see what was comi

Live by the Sword Dancer, Die by the Sword Dancer

I don’t know what gave me greater amusement, Aaron Gryder’s ride aboard Inordinate in last Saturday’s Sword Dancer or the handwringing fr


Ray Kinsella was disappointed less than 25,000 people showed up to see California Chrome v. Beholder v.


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