The 2016 Rick's Natural Star Awards

In the proud tradition of the Oscars, Emmys, Eclipse and Beemies …

Del Mar Consolation Payoff Details

Del Mar requests that those who believe they are affected by this situation call the track at a special number that has been set up to de

Stick That In Your Stocking

Horse racing would be much more popular if the horses could talk and we heard a little less from the trainers, jockeys and pundits.

At Least We Have Rick On Our Side

Juddmonte Responds to Pizza Man Shafer's Offer

From John Chandler, racing manager Juddmonte Farms

To Dan Schafer

Dear Mr. Schafer:

If I Were a Pizza Man, and You Were Juddmonte

To Juddmonte Farms

From Dan Schafer

Dear Sirs:

Bettors Treated Like Pawns?

In chess, the Knight (in the form of a horse) has the most unique move among the pieces on the board.

The Truth: Multiple Choice

Racetracks inflating attendance figures is
a) not very common
b) common
c) very common

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the ADW

Here are 10 advantages to betting on your phone when you’re at the racetrack:

Take This Quiz, If You Dare

Test your knowledge and no cheating (The answers follow) …

Who just turned 10 x 6?


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