Nine Politically Incorrect Questions

1. Does it bother you when certain simulcast hosts start every other sentence with “To be honest” or “To tell you the truth?” Maybe they

Channel Surfing the Simulcasts: Our Favorite Moments

Scanning the coast-to-coast simulcast signals, these are our guilty pleasures …

The Six Furlong Drill - Andy Asaro

Out of the gate: How you did you become such a vocal advocate for the horseplayer?

Ernie Mason, Lucky Louise and the Chinese System

Meet Mr.

The Six Furlong Drill - Peter Miller

Out of the gate: You are coming down the stretch head-and-head in a big race. Who do you not want to see on the other horse?

The Six Furlong Drill - Laffit Pincay Jr.

Out of the gate: Back when you were still riding, could you ever have imagined a day when Hollywood Park would close?

The Six Furlong Drill - Doug O'Neill

Out of the gate: The public and press seem to have a love/hate relationship with Doug O’Neil.


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