Mickey Rooney's Twilight Zone episode at a two-minute clip

Petagirl reveals Assmussen barn not her first

Rogerstein.com has learned in this exclusive interview with Petagirl that the Steve Assmussen barn was not the first one at which she wen

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Are you listening David Milch?

Remember that 1959 classic “Pillow Talk” starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson?

Physician, heal thyself: Remembering Dr. Robert Kerlan

Doctor Robert Kerlan was always driven by the duality of his passions that were divided equally between sports and medicine.

The Six Furlong Drill: Ken McPeek

Out of the gate: If you were the Czar of Racing, what is the first thing you would do?

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The Great American Racing/Movie Quiz

Test your racing/movie knowledge with this quiz. No fair cheating!

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"The Jockey Club Tour on Fox" rejection slips revealed

Rogerstein.com has learned from a source that wishes to remain unnamed that the following people were also considered as on-air personal


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