The Six Furlong Drill: Trevor Denman

Out of the Gate: What did you really think of Conan O’Brien’s race call with “the pancake on the griddle”during the Santa Anita

Bitter Bob: Nine Things That Really Burn My Toast

Bettor Bob's cousin Bitter Bob sounds off on nine things in horse racing that are currently bugging him ...

Talk About a Tough Way to Lose Your Exacta ....

If you want to see a tough way to lose an exacta, just check out this photo ...

YUP Racing Inspires New Specialized Websites

One of the big news stories recently was the hiring of Lou Raffetto as president of YUP, a website devoted to covering horse racing for t

I Had the Strangest Dream

Having awakened from my Rip Van Winkle-like nap, I realized I’d had the strangest dream. In it …

A Guide to Recognizing your Racing Saints

From as far back as the days of Ben-Hur, horseplayers have been wondering if the Racing Gods exist.

Some Notable Quotables in the Wake of the Belmont Stakes

Here are some notable quotables in the wake of the Belmont Stakes ….

Does This Look Like Somebody?

Here is a poster for the upcoming movie "Foxcatcher". Does this remind you of someone in the Racing Hall of Fame?

HBO Drops a Bomb on Racing

Just in time for Christmas (California Chrome’s bid for the Triple Crown), HBO “Real Sports” ran a devastating report on horse racing thi

Jim Wilson: The Man Behind "50 to 1"

Jim Wilson is an Academy Award winning producer and a horse racing owner and enthusiast.


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