What Are You, a Comedian?

Several famous comedians have incorporated horse racing into their recent monologues, and we have assembled a few samplings for your enjo

Nominations for Golden Turkey Award Announced

It’s that time of the year – you sit around the table with friends and family, stuff yourself, watch football and argue about who was the

12 Questions in Search of an Answer

Here are some questions that deserve answers, sooner rather than later …

"Keeping Up With the McIngvales"

March 20, 2018 – On this week’s episode of “Keeping Up With the McIngvales” on the E! Network (parental discretion is advised) …

"The Girl With the Horse Tattoo" and other Breeders' Cup reflections

Here are some things we learned from last weekend’s Breeders’ Cup

Brian Clifford: Unique Breeders' Cup Fan

Brian Clifford, who is spotlighted on a segment on NBC Sports this week, has attended every Breeders' Cup since its inception at Hollywoo

Has Turo Escalante's Luck Run Out?

It’s a shame HBO had to cancel the series “Luck”, because despite some missteps, the ill-fated lone season featured a fascinating look at

Racetrack Slogans We'd Like to See

Here are some racetrack slogans that would be a bit closer to truth in advertising

“Frank’s favorite.”

The Pope, Beholder and D. Wayne Lukas Walk Into a Bar ...

Do we have your attention now?

Ten Things We May Have Learned at Santa Anita on Saturday

Here are 10 things we may have learned at Santa Anita on Saturday ....

It gets hot in Arcadia in September


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