Here's hoping in 2016 ...

Here’s hoping we see at least some of these things in 2016 ...

Scribbled on a Santa Anita Opening-day Program

Here are some things we scribbled on our Santa Anita program while watching an outstanding opening-day card at The Great Race Place …

Who's Been Naughty, Who's Been Nice

Santa has checked his list twice, and now it’s time to find out who gets candy in their stocking and who gets a lump of coal …

What Happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

While it doesn’t rate a 60 Minutes segment, or 60 Minutes Sports for that matter, there nonetheless has to be a pretty intriguing story b

'Twas the Night Before Santa Anita Opened ..."

‘Twas the night before Santa Anita opened,
And all through the track,
Announcers were sending resumes

Santa Anita Unveils the Real Announcer Schedule

Combining elements of "The Voice", "Survivor" and a WWF Battle Royal, Santa Anita has announced their cavalcade of racecallers schedule.

Santa Anita widens announcer search

Word is that Santa Anita has widened their search for a replacement for Trevor Denman, vowing to look high and low for the next announcer

Santa Anita Announces Opening-day Announcing Schedule

Saturday, December 26, promises to be a day to remember as Santa Anita has announced that in addition to a slew of stakes races headed by

Trevor Denman and "The Santa Anita Shift"

Johnny Carson stunned NBC executives by turning up at their affiliate conference in New York on May 23, 1991, and dropping a bombshell: H

New Wagering Website Proposed

Pending approval from the California Horse Racing Board, is planning to unveil a new website next week called Derby Wars W


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