Year of the Monkey

Now that we’ve settled Manning vs.

Bob Baffert on Joe Buck's "Undeniable"

Denman/Santa Anita Split Revealed

We happened by our favorite newsstand the other day, and here are some of the headlines that caught our eye …

Welcome to Rainbow Downs

Welcome to Rainbow Downs, the first politically correct racetrack in the United States.

The Mayne Event

Sunday afternoon, in the midst of a “worldwide search” for the next voice of Santa Anita featuring Frank Mirahmadi and Michael Wrona, the

Sounds of Wrona (By Jason Beem)

"They Just Arrested My Favorite Handicapper!"

Imagine you wake up one morning and find out your favorite handicapper, you know the one you’ve been following who is due to get hot, has

Suggestions for Jeannine Edwards

Here are some suggestions for Jeannine Edwards, host of Saturday's Eclipse Awards ceremony in Florida ...

Trevor Has Left the Building

Trevor has left the building and Santa Anita is having a great meet.

University Study Reveals Interesting Results

A University of Kentucky study/survey of racetracks and horseplayers commissioned by the NTRA has yielded some very interesting results …


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