Vote Yes on No!

On November 8, the Clinton/Trump debacle isn’t the only thing on the ballot, as there are a couple of interesting racing-related initiatives up for decision across the country.

In California, if Proposition 27 passes, one of the stewards will be required to come to the announcer’s booth following the resolution of all inquiries to explain the reasoning for the decision.

As pointed out in the literature for this measure, this is not unprecedented as steward Mike Corley did this for many years at the California harness tracks and it was very well received by the fans.

Prop 27 is endorsed by HANA, the CTBA, the CTTA and the Jockey’s Guild. It is opposed by every California steward not named Corley.

In Florida, the so-called “Pegasus World Cup Fund” measure will find voters deciding whether to add a 2% sales tax on all Frank’s Energy Drinks sold in the state, with those proceeds earmarked for the people who are going to lose millions of dollars after shelling out seven figures each for starting berths in the inaugural running of the race.

This measure is supported by The Stronach Group and opposed by everyone else.

Speaking of propositions, Las Vegas odds guru Ace Rothstein of the Tangiers Hotel has issued the following lines:

You can get 8-1 if you think Victor (The Luckiest Mexican in the World) Espinoza can take down both the Breeders Cup Distaff and Classic with Stellar Wind and California Chrome.

In another Breeders’ Cup prop, the Tangiers has the over/unders at 6 ½ for the number of whip violations over those two days of racing at Santa Anita.

You can lay $100 to win a $800 if you think they will run the Pegasus World Cup under the same conditions in 2018; $100 to win a $250 if you think they will actually run the race ever again; and it’s pick’em that the Dubai World Cup will be raised $14 million next March.

The Tangiers is offering 12-1 if you think one of the Beemie Awards categories will be “Best Pop-up ad on Paulick Report”.

The over/unders has been set at three for the number of times Andy Serling criticizes a ride during the Breeders’ Cup on twitter. (We’re definitely betting the overs on that one).


This morning I was lucky enough to watch Dortmund and Arrogate work in my pajamas on XBTV. How they got in my pajamas, I’ll never know.

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