Take My Wife, Please

A certain Oaklawn Park trainer was at a comedy club Saturday night and made the mistake of heckling the on-stage comedian, which is akin to poking a bear with a stick.

The comedian was quick to shoot back, “I don’t come to your job and heckle you while you’re giving milkshakes!”

What the comic didn’t realize is that Oaklawn Park had on March 2 started random testing for TCO2, better known as milkshaking, in a continuation of an integrity program being instituted at the Arkansas track.

The focus this weekend was on Oaklawn with the Rebel Stakes front and center, captured by the umpteenth potential Kentucky Derby starter for Todd Pletcher in the form of Malagacy, who remained unbeaten with a solid victory in the fixture.

Ray Paulick, purveyor of the outstanding Paulick Report, pointed out that a couple of trainers at Oaklawn who were en fuego during the month of February suddenly turned icy cold in March, when the random TCO2 testing began.

We’re not drawing a straight line between the new testing and these trainers ending up in the frozen foods section, we’re just sayin’,

Speaking of milkshakes, there is a restaurant in our neighborhood called Joe’s that serves a very good milkshake, something like that $5 shake that Vincent and Mia enjoyed so famously in “Pulp Fiction.”

Joe’s is also a very clean and friendly spot with a great staff.

Unfortunately, the food at Joe’s is just so-so and can’t compare with others in the same neighborhood. And let’s face it, this is why you go to a restaurant. Not milkshakes, ambiance or a great staff.

A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail blast from Joe’s that they were offering a 20% discount on all items on the menu.

This didn’t inspire me to return to Joe’s, but out of curiosity I drove by the place the other night to see how this price reduction had helped business. There seemed to be a few more people at Joe’s, but not sure that increase was going to offset what they were going to lose in revenue.

By the way, we’ve yet to hear if Canterbury Park plans to offer the reduced across-the-board takeout they had at last year’s meet, which did show increases but reportedly not as much as they would have hoped.

We’re not drawing a straight line between Joe’s and Canterbury Park, we’re just sayin’.


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