Take the Jockey Quiz

How up to date are you on current events related to the jockey colony? Try this quiz and no fair cheating …

This rider proved on Wednesday at Woodbine that keeping your feet in the irons is highly overrated.

A wagon rolled by and this jockey wasn’t on it.

Imagine this rider’s surprise when he was only halfway in the gate and the starter sprung the latch at Del Mar. His name rhymes with amazed.

This French import is on the verge of being the biggest thing to hit California since fries.

Todd Pletcher has been replaced as the luckiest person at Saratoga by this pilot, who was extremely lucky to not have had any serious injuries after seemingly being run over by every horse in a race at The Spa on Wednesday.

This jockey reported had a bullet move at Delaware Park earlier this week.

This rider should have his name legally changed to Reddam O’Neill.

This jockey won a race by open lengths at Del Mar and was fined for violating the new whip rule. His name is _______ (fill in the blanc).

This Hall of Fame rider was cited twice for violating that California whip rule on the very first day, but hasn’t had any since.


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