The Six Furlong Drill - Peter Miller

Out of the gate: You are coming down the stretch head-and-head in a big race. Who do you not want to see on the other horse? “I don’t want to see Garret Gomez or Joel Rosario. These guys don’t get outfinished very often.”

The first quarter: Your objections to the new claiming rule have been well documented in print, on the radio and at CHRB meetings. Do you see anything good about this rule? “Yes. I now drop claims in without thinking twice. Even though I believe this is a bad rule because I object to one person making decisions worth thousands and thousands of dollars, I’ve actually benefited from it as much as it’s hurt me.”

The half-mile: If you could have Frank Stronach’s ear for two minutes, what would you say to him? “I’d tell him we need some breaks between the meets for both the horses and the people. I’d also say that we need to cater to a younger audience with new and better technology.”

The eighth pole: Would you rather have Neil Drysdale’s accent, Marty Jones’ pedigree or Bob Baffert’s hair? “That’s an easy one. I would love to speak like Neil Drysdale. I’m comfortable with my pedigree and my lack of hair, but to sound anything like Sean Connery would be great.”

The sixteenth pole: Do you think racetracks sometimes act like they are ashamed there is gambling going on? “It’s not just the racetracks, it’s the entire industry. They forget that bettors are the backbone of this sport.”

The finish line: On the Peter Miller scale, one Kentucky Derby win would equal how many Breeders’ Cup wins? “That’s kind of an unfair question, because to me the Breeders’ Cup is just as important as the Triple Crown. (Pause) I guess for me, now that I’ve thought it over for a minute, the answer would be two Breeders’ Cup wins equals one Kentucky Derby. But certainly not three.”