Sheikh Mo Ups the Ante

It didn’t take long for Sheikh Mohammed to respond to The Stronach Group raising the purse of the 2018 Pegasus to $16 million, as it has been announced that the 2018 Dubai World Cup will be worth a staggering $30 million.

“This will mean the $17 first-place prize will be worth more than the entire Pegasus,” said a statement issued from Dubai on Thursday morning. “In addition, the owners will not be asked to pay $1 million each to run.”

The race is reportedly being co-sponsored by Beverly Hills billionaire Jed Clampett, who plans to be in attendance for the race in Dubai along with his daughter Ellie May, his nephew Jethro and 114-year-old Granny.

“I feel a special kinship with those folks over there,” said the reclusive Clampett in an interview on the Nashville Network. “We were both lookin’ for some food, when up to the ground came a bubblin’ crude.”

For his part, President Donald Trump is reportedly very upset about this turn of events and has vowed that the United States government will furnish The Stronach Group with the funds needed to restore the Pegasus to its stature as the world’s richest horserace.

“A couple of more cuts to Meals On Wheels should get the job done,” said White House Spokesman Sean Spicer.

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