Pineapple Upside Down Cake

The Pegasus World Cup saw people spending $1 million per stall months before the race was even run; fans paying $50 to park, $100 to get in and hundreds more for a seat; God knows how much was spent to get NBC to televise it and Conor McGregor to do those commercials, yet it was apparently timed with all the precision of something from a Cracker Jack box.

Speaking of the Pegasus, Royal Randwick Racecourse in Australia is the first to use the model for their newly-created Everest Stakes on October 14, which will find berths available for $450,000 (with a three-year commitment) and the race worth $10 million Aussie bucks, or $7.5 million American.

Reportedly there are several other racetracks in the United States and around the world working on similar races built on the Pegasus/Everest model, but many are having trouble coming up with a name that is pretentious enough.

Donald Trump is President, at least for the moment, and we don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

High-profile trainers are firing their highest-profile owners.

If your nose runs and your feet smell – you’re built upside down.

Some geniuses combined to bet $100,000 to show on a maiden claimer at Charles Town Wednesday night. The Racing Gods showed they do indeed have a sense of humor as the horse tossed jockey Wesley Ho at the start and the suspense was over quickly. By the way, West Virginia has a $2.20 minimum on their payoffs.

In some places, a claim dropped is not necessarily a claim made and jockeys get fined for trying too hard.

Instead of coming up with bets that would make it easier to play the ponies, the industry seems fixated on coming up with more complicated wagers. Jackpot!

The question “What’s next?” should be banned from anyone interviewing a trainer immediately after a race.

Don’t know what is more annoying on Twitter, the people that make ridiculous comments or those who feel the need to address them.

All this, and somehow the world keeps turning.

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