Nine Things You May Have Missed on Opening Day at Del Mar

Here are nine things you may have missed if you weren’t paying close attention to Thursday’s opening-day program at Del Mar

All Squared Away apparently couldn’t wait for the “roar of the crowd” and broke through the gate prior to the first race, then went on to run a creditable third.

There were 51 claim slips dropped in for the 42 horses that were entered to be claimed on the card. A total of 16 horses changed hands, with one voided claim. Interestingly, Nextdoorneighbor, the odds-on winner of the sixth, was not taken.

There was a woman wearing a prison ankle bracelet. Must be a good story there and might even prove to be the next fashion trend.

Caitlyn Jenner was NOT announced as a first-time gelding.

Bloodhorse’s Jeremy Balan felt leaving his Long Beach home at 5:45 a.m. would help him beat the traffic down to the seaside oval. Think again, young scribe.

Back to the future as the new dirt track drew rave reviews.

Simon Bray’s on-track presence is truly missed.

The guy with the bow tie concession cleaned up.

Jeff Muscles, err, Mullins, won two races including the featured Oceanside with the lawn-loving Soul Driver.

Del Mar is truly “Cool as Ever” and Bing would be proud.

***** @TashmanMortyS