New Year's Leave

The strange happenings on New Year’s Eve revolving around Bob Baffert, Kaleem Shah, Arrogate and Mariah Carey got us thinking how some of our favorite writers might have described the goings-on.

Jay Hovdey (Daily Racing Form)
“In horse racing, the only thing more fragile than the legs of a thoroughbred is the relationship between an owner and a trainer.

“That was very much in evidence on New Year’s Eve, when Kaleem Shah informed the world he was parting ways with Bob Baffert. In true 2016 about to be 2017 style, he announced it on the internet.”

Jeff Ross (Insult Comic)
“Mariah Carey had some technical malfunctions with her New Year’s Eve performance, but the Fat Lady did sing for Shah and Baffert. Sorry, Mariah.”

Joe Hirsch (the late, great)
“Arrogate stayed home Sunday and Midnight Storm reveled in the spotlight, possibly earning himself a spot in the Pegasus.”

Pullthepocket (Blog)
“If Las Vegas had put up a prop bet a year ago – Which is more likely, Art Sherman getting Dortmund or Bob Baffert getting California Chrome – the latter would have been 1-9.”

Ray Paulick (Paulick Report)
“We don’t know if Mr. Baffert is a Mariah Carey fan, but if he is, he hit the trifecta on Saturday night.”

Jeremy Balan (Bloodhorse)
“Art Sherman got a call Saturday, and when he saw ‘Virginia’ he figured it was a telemarketer and answered it anyway.

“Instead of someone trying to sell him insurance or land in Florida, it was someone trying to give him Dortmund.”

Matt Hegarty (Daily Racing Form)
“The most telling quote to this point came from Kaleem Shah when he told our Jay Privman, ‘I’m saddened about our friendship falling apart more than the business. I thought it would be me and Bob forever.’

“That’s certainly not the usual ‘Bob and I remain friends, I just thought we needed a change and I wish him the very best’ type stuff we usually hear.”

702Ray (Twitter)
“Kaleem Shah likes to name his horses after soccer teams and now he’s decided to change goalies.”

Mark Ratzky (nobody)
“When rumors starting swirling on Saturday that a certain Grade I winner was about to change barns in California, Ron Ellis was sweating bullets.”

(Celebrity voices impersonated. Any resemblance between these statements and fact is purely intentional.)

**** @TashmanMortyS