Losing Track

It was an interesting week – we have a new favorite twitter follow in @TrackinTVGPicks; Arrogate was a no-show in the San Diego Handicap in more ways than one; another previously unannounced gelding won and Jerry Hollenderfor had the perfect answer when asked about Songbird’s more difficult-than-expected win in the Delaware Handicap.

If you watch TVG at any given moment, it won’t be long before the words track and tracking are spoken. Track as in main track and tracking as in one horse tracking another.

What you won’t hear is tracking of how this or that suggested ticket has done, unless of course they’re alive. And should they connect, there will be a nice big graphic accompanied by the sound of a cash register ringing.

Recently on twitter there surfaced @TrackinTVGPicks, which is solely devoted to keeping track of all the suggested tickets on TVG. This has been greeted by some folks over at the network about as warmly as our Comedian-In-Chief Donald Trump feels about Bob Mueller’s Russia investigation.

One of the most vocal has been @ToddTVG, with Mr. Schrupp going so far as take issue with @TrackinTVGPicks on the air.

Todd actually had the chance to tell whoever is behind this account to shove it up his/her arse on Friday when he was alive in the Late Pick 4 at Del Mar on a $12 ticket to his single Hot Decision, with a return of over $1,000 in the offing.

Hot Decision apparently got wind of this fact during the post parade, however, threw his rider and had to be scratched. This left Schrupp with favored Suit of Lights, who battled for command from the rail and tired to third.

For the record, we sympathize with the guys and gals who are asked to put up these tickets on TVG. They are given random shifts each day and told these are the races you will be covering at this track or that and to put in certain tickets whether you have a strong opinion or not.

I wouldn’t want to be put in that position and then have some wiseass on twitter keeping track. But that is the reality of the situation and it tells you something when people are complaining BEFORE they even know the results of the tracking.

Perhaps somebody at TVG had an inkling what was going to happen on Sunday, when only one of 20 people (Rich Perloff) with tickets was able to show a profit. Of course, @TrackinTVGPicks was only more than happy to report it.


Just two days after Dr. Rick Arthur said at a CHRB meeting that unannounced geldings was an aberration, 20 minutes to post before the 5th race on Saturday at Del Mar the public was informed that the first-time starter Trapalanda from the Ron Ellis barn was a gelding instead of a colt.

Of course he was bet down and won like a good thing.

You can just imagine how this was greeted on the heels of the debacle with the Peter Miller-trained Fly to Mars in the final race at Santa Anita on June 10. That resulted in a single ticket Pick 6 payoff of $891,568 and sparked a major controversy.

By the way, that ticket has yet to be cashed, but somehow at Thursday’s meeting commissioner Madeline Auerbach was able to assure us that the person or persons associated with that ticket has nothing to do with Peter Miller. (WTH?)

The Board has began the regulatory process for scratching any horse that has not been properly reported within specified time frames as having been gelded. A public hearing on this proposed amendment will be conducted following the required 45-day public notice period.

Good for them.


Jerry Hollendorfer is a man of few words who prefers to let the horses do the talking, but he did give our second favorite King Jerry quote over the weekend on the Mike Willman radio show when asked about how hard Songbird had to work in winning the Delaware Handicap.

“I don’t feel I have to defend Songbird,” he responded.

Our favorite Hollendorfer quote? That came after the late Shared Belief was mugged by Bayern in the Breeder’s Cup Classic and there was no disqualification.

When asked by the press for his thoughts, Jerry replied, “You saw what happened”


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