GoFund Account for Injured Groom

Groom for Dan Blacker seriously injured in auto accident


Last week my top groom Edvin Hernandez was in a terrible car crash while on his way to Santa Anita in the rain. He was rushed to hospital and survived the accident, but had multiple rib fractures, punctured both lungs and broke his right leg. He also has a lower spinal injury that is still undergoing diagnosis. Needless to say, he will be in hospital for a while and has a long road to recovery in front of him.

Thankfullly Edvin was insured for medical emergencies, but this only covers basic medical costs. In addition, Edvin is the sole provider for his wife and four children. Edvin is one of the kindest, most hard working guys you could meet on the backside, let alone one of the best horsemen around. Please help Edvin and his family recover from this accident with whatever donation you can afford.

Thank you all. Help spread the word! Dan Blacker