Et Tu, Del Mar?

Top 13 reasons Del Mar had disappointing opening-day numbers:

No giveaway

Fans concerned they might miss the next Trump shoe dropping on CNN

A $13 order of chips and salsa washed down with a $7 medium lemonade

Traffic isn’t “Cool as Ever”

Tired of trying to enjoy the horses in the paddock and having Hipster Dufusses blow cigar smoke in their face

Los Alamitos killed their momentum (an old Santa Anita excuse)

Protest over Arrogate getting 126 pounds for the San Diego “Handicap”

DRF raised their prices again

Failure to publicize that 1981 Kentucky Derby winner Gato Del Sol was running in the 7th race (at least according to Trevor)

Worried North Korea may soon have a missile that can reach the United States

Waiting for the Jackpot Pick 6 to grow

Upset they changed Bing’s song to “Take a train, take a plane, take an Uber”

Forgot there is still Wednesday racing in California

*** @TashmanMortyS