Coming up next Live on XBTV!

Coming up next Live on XBTV …

Bob Baffert orders coffee and a danish from Rosie at Clocker’s Corner and over tips!

California Chrome eats a carrot and gets an A- from Steve Young!

Gary Stevens takes a nap!

Millie Ball insures her accent for $1 million with Lloyd’s of London!

Paul Reddam auctions off his Pegasus World Cup stall!

Jeff Siegel gets a haircut!

Jim Gluckson reveals what he will be ordering for lunch tomorrow at Langers!

Jay Hovdey gives a massage to Beholder and a pep talk to Dick Mandella! (We may have that one reversed).

Andy Asaro makes his last minute preparations before leaving for Striders!

Aaron Vercruysse fills his Ritalin prescription!

Via Skype – Trevor Denman milks a cow!

Jerry Hollendorfer almost smiles!

Zoe Cadman spots a horse she doesn’t like!

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