Arrogate Holds Press Conference

In the proud tradition of our new Caricature-in-Chief, Arrogate held a press conference Thursday morning to address rumors surrounding his start in the January 28 Pegasus World Cup.

“Thank you for coming. First question ...”

“Jeremy Balan from BloodHorse. Mr. Arrogate, many have questioned if your trainer Bob Baffert has his heart in running you in the Pegasus. Can you address this?”

“Bob and I go way back and I can tell you he is as much behind running me in the Pegasus as he was American Phoarah in the Travers.”

“Dan Lukowsky from BuzzFeed. We have a source who is a neighbor of a good friend of someone who says they saw you sneaking to another barn last year several times for a rendezvous with a certain chestnut filly. Is this true?”

“I have two words for you – Fake News! I think it’s disgraceful to spread rumors and innuendo like that, and anyway, I’m well known around the shedrow for being a germaphobe.

“By the way, I want to make it perfectly clear I never said Art Sherman uses Viagra.”

“Jim Acosta, CNN. Can you confirm …”

“I’m not speaking to you. More Fake News!”

“Bill O’Reilly, Fox News. Don’t you think Frank Stronach is a great man for coming up with the concept of the Pegasus, filling a void between the Breeder’s Cup and the Triple Crown?”

“First of all, Bill, let me say what an honor it is to have you here. You are one of the true Independent voices in the media, even though 99% of the time you bash the Democrats and praise the Republicans.

“To answer your question, Frank Stronach is a visionary and this race is just the latest in a long line of innovations he has brought to the sport. Like Frank’s Energy Drink, Sunshine Millions and 22-minute post parades at Gulfstream Park.”

“Ray Paulick, Paulick Report. Bruno DeJulio has been quite vocal that he thinks your three works since the Breeder’s Cup Classic have not been anywhere as sharp as the works that led up to that race. What do you say about that?”

“You mean Bruno DeGenerate! He’s as over-rated a clocker as Meryl Streep is over-rated an actress. Next …”

Steve Andersen, Daily Racing Form. Why haven’t you shipped to Gulfstream Park to get acclimated and avoid the rainy weather, like California Chrome?”

“I will be shipping soon, and just so you know, Mexico will be paying for it.”

Art Wilson. Southern California News Group. Can you give us some details of the deal you made with Coolmore for a stall in the Pegasus?”

“I make great deals. I make better deals than anybody in the history of deal making. It is nothing like those deals some of the other horses made for starting spots. It was epic and YUGE.

“Thank you all for coming. Now if you don’t mind, I have some tweeting to do.”

*** @TashmanMortyS