According to twitter, Orange is the new Black

A well-known trainer told us a few years ago that if it wasn’t for Republicans, there wouldn’t be many owners. Extrapolating that, we’ll assume a majority of the people who pay the major bills in this game are happy there’s a President-elect Trump.

Not sure you’ll find the same glee on backstretches from coast-to-coast.

To add insult to injury, the New York-bred mare Hillaryinthouse finished off the board on Wednesday afternoon in the 5th race at Finger Lakes. In fairness, she was a longshot, unlike her namesake. Talk about your un-hunch bet.

That fascinating election in many ways resembled the Breeders’ Cup Classic, with Hillary playing the California Chrome frontrunner role and Trump doing his best Arrogate to her down in the final couple of weeks with the help of WikiLeaks and those sky rocketing Obamacare premiums.

The one major way it didn’t mirror the BC Classic is the fact that neither candidate has a fraction of the class of California Chrome and Arrogate. Like one of those bad maiden claimers at Thistledown, it was a case of somebody had to win.

Congratulations to the Roger Stein Show’s Bettor Bob, who noted on the program some time ago that he had placed a bet on Trump at a juicy 5 1/2 to 1.

The Eclipse Award for leading trainer should go to Kellyanne Conway.

Love the way jockeys still doff the cap to women in the walking ring.

While most were glued to CNN, Fox or one of the major networks Tuesday night, we found TVG’s coverage to be the most comprehensive with Rich Perloff at the anchor desk.

When contacted by phone late Tuesday night, Trevor Denman said, “This … is … un-be-lievable!”

If California Chrome and Arrogate both suit up for the January 28 Pegasus World Cup (fingers crossed), it might be a tad difficult to find 10 horses to challenge them at $1 million a pop. Fortunately for Uncle Frank, he already has all the money in escrow, so no worries.

Still can’t get used to Thanksgiving racing at Del Mar. How many remember those turkey dinners Hollywood Park used to give away with each paid admission?

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