"About a Hundred Dollars"

It turns out the owners of the horses in the Pegasus World Cup won’t be the only ones paying through the nose, as The Stronach Group has announced admission prices for the January 28 card at Gulfstream Park will be a minimum of $100.

While that may seem rather high on the surface, being much more than general admission to either the Kentucky Derby or Breeders’ Cup, consider the following:

Where else can you see that many people lose over half a million dollars each in roughly two minutes?

Word is that with each paid admission, you get a discount coupon for Trump University.

We’ll now be able to distinguish the wealthy Chromies from the poor ones.

Free Parking!

Rain Man can now say a candy bar, a sports car and admission to the Pegasus World Cup each cost, “About a hundred dollars.”

Everyone 75 years and older gets in for half-price when accompanied by their parents.

This will be a great way to forget (for at least a day) that either Lyin’ Hillary or Scumbag Trump was just inaugurated as leader of the free world.

You can be on-site to thumb your nose at Dubai and their paltry $10 million race.

Reportedly $1 from each admission will go to Uncle Frank’s next run for the Austrian Presidency.

For only $100, you can be up close and personal when Ken Bone sings the national anthem.

You’ll be able to tell your grandkids you saw the one and only running of the Pegasus World Cup


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