Losing Track

It was an interesting week – we have a new favorite twitter follow in @TrackinTVGPicks; Arrogate was a no-show in the San Diego Handicap

Et Tu, Del Mar?

Top 13 reasons Del Mar had disappointing opening-day numbers:

No giveaway

Miller's Cross(ing)

The news, in real time …


Tim Ritvo has hired Kathy Griffin to assist him over the next few weeks at Santa Anita.

Winners Here! Get Your Winners!

Rogerstein.com has landed an exclusive interview with Baron Sinklewitz, the purveyor of Winnerzwinnerzwinnerz.com, the horserace handicap

Playing Favorites

(Favorite Headline)


Who's On First?

If this was an Abbott and Costello routine, it would be “Baffert on first, O’Neill on second and Callaghan on third.”

The Pat Day After

We’re going to miss those Patch has only one eye and how ironic he drew the No. 20 post position stories.

The Rotisserie League

Several people are turning over in their graves these days.

And Then There Were 20

Checking out the prospective field for this year’s Kentucky Derby, we are reminded of what Cloris Leachman said during one of those Comed


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